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University of Graz

About the University of Graz

The University of Graz, which was founded in 1585, is Austria's second oldest university and one of the largest in the country. Many excellent scientists, amongst them six Nobel laureates, have taught and researched here.

With 31,000 students and 4,300 employees the University of Graz contributes significantly to the vibrating life of the Styrian capital. Its location in Europe encourages a lively scientific, economic and cultural exchange with South-East Europe, from which not only the city benefits, but also its educational institutions.

Facts and Figures

  • Founded in 1585
  • 6 faculties
  • 76 institutes
  • 31,000 students
  • 4,400 new students
  • 3,300 graduates per academic year, of which approximately 200 receive a doctor’s degree
  • 120 study courses
  • 4,300 employees, of which 3,000 are scientists
  • 180,000 m2 net floor area
  • A budget of 232,5 million euros per year

EWCA Conference 2022

Lisa Wurzinger


Writing Center
Halbärthgasse 6/I
A-8010 Graz

Phone:+43 316 380 - 1226

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